The PHOENIX STATION Scientific Association aims to protect and promote palm trees. One of its most important objectives is the eradication of the red palm weevil from the Mediterranean riparian countries through the application of an integrated control strategy. Another important work is to promote the cultivation of the date palm to improve living conditions in developing countries.

To achieve these ends, it develops various activities:
– Multiplication of the date palm by cultivation in Vitro: ………………………….
– Formative, informative and consultative activity: The Phoenix Station provides theoretical and practical training courses to public and private professionals, as well as advice to companies, neighborhood communities and public and private palm owners, in the control of the red palm weevil.
– Research projects: The Phoenix Station develops research projects on the integrated control of pests and diseases of palm trees. In relation to the red palm weevil, the most important pest right now of palm trees in the Mediterranean Region, the Middle East and India, we have been working on the development of an integrated control strategy, with laboratory and field tests of various techniques that include trapping, endotherapy, the use of biological products and the study of pest behavior. We have also acquired extensive experience in advice and training on the application of this strategy. So much so that the Director of the association collaborates with FAO as an international expert on the control of the red weevil.
– Finally, the Phoenix Station offers its services to NGOs for the implementation and development of agricultural projects in developing countries, related to the date palm.