• The Red weevil of palm trees is a native insect of Southeast Asia. It was transported by the man outside his native area, reaching coconut plantations in India and daters in the Middle East. In its area of origin lives in balance and is even considered a useful insect that contributes to the protein diet of the inhabitants. However, in all countries where it has been introduced, it is considered an extremely serious pest of palm trees.
  • Imported and scattered in all the countries bordering the Mediterranean, it threatens to quickly make its entire heritage of ornamental palm trees disappear quickly. The numerous hotspots continue to spread and have also been established on the Spanish Galician coast.
  • It preferably attacks Phoenix canariensis of any size and young daters. If nothing is done to prevent it, it inevitably and very quickly kills them: a large Canarian palm tree can be wiped out in less than a year. When the Phoenix canariensis begin to disappear from one area, the picudo gradually attacks other palm species.